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This is an exciting time for the turf program at Rutgers University.  The Center for Turfgrass Science is celebrating another anniversary and the Two Year Golf Turf Professional School is celebrating over 50 years of educational excellence.  Rutgers’ turfgrass program has carved out a place as one of the top programs for turfgrass education, research and breeding in the country and as Rutgers Alumni, you are part of it.  As we look back over all of the accomplishments of the last half-century, there are challenges that still lay ahead.

The New Jersey Turfgrass Foundation (NJTF) was established to support the scholarship and research efforts of the turfgrass program at Rutgers University and help RU meet the challenges of the next century and beyond.  Founded in 1991, the NJTF has raised over 1.3 million dollars, primarily through the Rutgers Turfgrass Research Golf Classic.  The NJTF has provided over $750,000 directly to the turf program at Rutgers for student scholarships and to support research and education (e.g. construction of the Geiger Center, faculty research projects, construction of research greens, etc.). 

The NJTF donates annually to the turfgrass program at Rutgers.  In 2010, that amount topped $70,000:

  • $7,500   Rutgers turf student scholarships
  • $50,000 Construction of a 12,000 sq ft sand-based research green at Hort Farm II
  • $10,000 Toward the mortgage of the Geiger Turfgrass Education Center
  • $3,000   Research support for Assistant Professor Dr. Ning Zhang

The goal of the NJTF is to build our endowment to $1,000,000, to provide the turfgrass program at Rutgers with a stable funding source in perpetuity (a one million dollar endowment fund would conservatively provide $50,000 annually).  When you make a contribution to the NJTF, you will be showing your Rutgers pride and affirming that your decision to attend Rutgers was not only beneficial for you, but also that you continue to believe in a quality education for others and that their research efforts have benefited you professionally.

Your gift to the NJ Turfgrass Foundation makes a difference and is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. 

The Turfgrass Center, the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, and the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences truly appreciates the unique partnership that we have with the NJTF and look forward to working with the Foundation in the future.”

Dr. Bruce Clarke, Director – Center for Turfgrass Science

Your gift is greatly appreciated and will be included in our Honor Roll of Donors in the Rutgers Alumni Newsletter if received by June 30, 2014. 

Tax ID #: 22-3270805