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TURFGRASS Membership:  This membership is for Golf, Lawn, Landscapers, Irrigation, and other turfgrass categories, except manufacturer & suppliers and sod producers.

Fee is $210 for 1-3 members and $65 for each additional member.

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BUSINESS Membership:  This membership is for Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Sod Producers.

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Top Reasons Why YOU Should Become a MEMBER of NJTA...

  1. SAVINGS on GREEN EXPO (December) & Field Days (July or early August) Registration Fees
  2. Clippings Quarterly NEWSLETTER
  3. Outreach & Education IMPACT in Trenton
  4. Access to EDUCATION & RESEARCH at Rutgers University
  5. Membership DIRECTORY
  6. Support RUTGERS University’s Turf Program & Facilities
  7. OPPORTUNITIES to earn Pesticide Applicator License Credits
  8. MARKETING opportunities in NJTA publications
  10. PARTICIPATE in events that raise scholarships for the NJ Turfgrass Foundation for turfgrass students

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  • Allied Associations
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NJTA Committees are open to all members and are very active in the activities of the association. Make the most out of your membership and make a difference. Join one of the committees. Contact us @